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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friendship..Never 2 Ever Lasting..

Freindship is an element of life which is a social and emotional necessity of a human being. Freindship is a feeling of mutual understanding and respect earned between people. Levels of freindship solely depend on the trust and affection you have for a person.

Friends are of many kinds,people who you meet everyday, those with whom you spend your life with..your ups & downs and those whom you never see after a few meetings let alone remember there name.

Friends are the spice of your life. Its your buddies who save you from a nervous breakdown when you are tiep up with a pile of work and never ending problems. They are the persons who you share your joy, your sorrows and griefs and even the minute details of your life which hold importance to you.

A friend is a person who you are comfortable with, those who keep friendship for their use or just because its their need and not for the sake of caring are not you true friends. A friend can be any can be a guy or a girl, your brother or sister, your girl friend, your life partner..just any person whom you connect with spiritually and intellectually without your self consious.

It moments spend with these persons that you remember even after years of your life have gone by. Sitting around drinking coffee, bunking class to go and see movies, playing games till 4 in night and realising that its too late now to go to sleep, leaving your assignments till last movement and then running around with them for submitting to the appropriate teacher. Getting up on the day of examination and realising that you havent studied even a single word and saying after the exams that your dead. Splashing around in rain..Laughing like crazy on completely silly jokes..Its a long list of collectibles that serve as good times for you that you have spend all your life. Those times that remind you of the persons whom you have spent it with are the times you cherish the most and just by remembering them a smile comes around you face and you forget all your worries and tensions.

May everyone have such a friend with whom they can remember their times..who touches their lives..and may their friendship last till the end of their time.Cheers !!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pain Of Disappointments..

Life is really mysterious. A person works all his life, strives to achieve his fulfill his wishes and needs and works day and night to his best just so he can get what he wants..what he deserves but all one gets is disappointments. Disappointments are found lurking on every corner.. A salesperson goes to 10 companies a day to sell but finds out that the concerned person is not available or not ready to meet and faces disappointmnt.

A job seeker searches to the end of boundaries of a region to get even the most meningless and worthless job if possible but all he finds is disappointing NO.. A person waits his whole life to get the love & understanding of someone and yet regretfully all that is found is disappointment.. A man has to walk miles because he cannot afford transportation even though he has done all he can to earn 1 but nevertheless all he faces is disappintment.

An employee tries his best to achieve the biggest targets in the comapany and work hardest but to the employer its still disappointingly of no meaning because he doesnt like them personally..

I think the list goes on..its a never ending starts it work from the day your born till you die for some people as all they are to others is disappointment.. But all i have to say is one thing after every disappointment that you face remember comes a much greater success. Disappointment is actually very very important because if you do not feel disappointed and demotivated by others you would never realise the strength you have in yourself to hold on in that time and you would never appreciate what you get later as you would remember those disappointing times that you faced and would enjoy every little thing you have now or would get..

So be disappointed but be thankful too...Because if disappointment has washed over you like a Tsunami then that means that you have a chance to build everything anew from what is destroyed rather than lying in pieces on the ground...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Waiting for The One..

 Everyone seeks to find love in their life. Some are still searching fo theirs and some have found it. One thing that you have to understand is love requires a lot of patience. It comes to you at the most inappropriate time in the least way youhav expected it to. Those who have their loved ones will agree with me that its just something that happens without even intending. One moment you are meeting a person, next you dont even realise how much that person means to you and that you cant even stay without sharing a single moment of your life.

One thing that you will find most in love is that you have to wait a lot.. For those who are looking for the one are waiting for them to arrive or just show a sign, those who have loved ones have their own little stories of waiting. Those affected due to distance wait for their beloved to send a text or give a call. Some are just waiting for their partner to arrive back from place. Most waiting happens when a fight occurs and you are just waiting that you can talk to your love again just so you can say sorry and make up again so things can be just right.

This is for all of those waiting out their like me.. Dont Lose Hope..Things will change..and yor wish will be fulfilled, waiting is like a test, pass it and the results will be splendid. Just hold on..Hold on to your loved one or to the dream of having one..It will come true soon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wakin Up @ 6am..

Most people like to stay up till late at night..including get lots of time to kill and chat with people, watch movies and well its just fun. But after what seems like a decade today i got up at 6 in the morning and believe me there is something really extraodinary about it.

Wakin up early and just watching the sunrise in the sky gives you an amazing feeling of warmth and a new hope for the day to come. You feel energetic and ready to take on the world. The morning coffee seems as welcoming as ever & everything seems to flow smoothly.

Most nighttime people will tell you that there morning goes off in a hurry to run to either work or school not even leaving them time to iron their clothes or polish their shoes properly. The breakfast seems to be forgotten and time just seems to fly by as you already hav woken up late.

It really matters how you start your day.  If the morning is in a hurry you will see that the rest of your day goes in the same manner where you will feel that all your emotions are on the edge ready to tick off at any moment whereas waking up early makes your day a peacefull one leaving you enough time to think properly and do everything systematically.

Option has always been with you wheter you think of it as a punishment to wake up early in morning for going to work or to school or take it as a new beginning. Having some hope is very important especially in these days of recession where nothing works according to your will and everything seems to be falling apart. Today that hope was rekindled in me by wakin up at 6 and lookin at the beautiful sun rise over the sky...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Write My Heart Out

No matter how far i look i see that everyone has some or the other problem that they have to deal with on daily basis. Some fight it and some just give up the battle and are lost. People cringing on to you, emotional and mental disturbances they are like common things which happen like thrice in a day. People are in such a hurry to reach to the top earn as much money as they can thay they have forgotten to live, forgotten what it feels to have fun,to enjoy & cherish the moments we have. I for such have become one of those zombies since some time now. Today i look around and fell as if i am losing evrything but this battle is far from over. May be i cant have my hearts desires, may be all i will hear around me are screams, yellings and disappointments but for once i have a decided to overlook all and just ignore those people who put you down and take you so deep in depression that you have to desperately find ways to forget things. In my case i chose pepsi..sounds weird yes but when after all your effects you acheive nothing other than people telling you that your a failure and anger seems to take you so  much that you do not even realise what you are doing or saying, a desperate measure, a self destructive habit is what seems to give peace to you. Dont get me wrong there are many ways you can avoid it one of which is shairng but that doesnt wrk when the one you share with isnt around anywhere.

I for now have decided to be free from all worries and i am going to take this leap. No one knows what future hold for them but i have decided i am not ruining my present for it. I am going to walkby those who do not understand me and live my life the way i want.

If you are wondering why i am being stupid and stating the obvious and wasting your time by writing this,, then sorry to disappoint you but i am just expressing my feelings, someone told me recently that when you have no one to talk and no one to listen to just write your heart out and you will feel your anger subsiding. I thank my sister for that and advise the same to all those who like me are anger maniacs.This Is It..your chance..just Write your heart out..