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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friendship..Never 2 Ever Lasting..

Freindship is an element of life which is a social and emotional necessity of a human being. Freindship is a feeling of mutual understanding and respect earned between people. Levels of freindship solely depend on the trust and affection you have for a person.

Friends are of many kinds,people who you meet everyday, those with whom you spend your life with..your ups & downs and those whom you never see after a few meetings let alone remember there name.

Friends are the spice of your life. Its your buddies who save you from a nervous breakdown when you are tiep up with a pile of work and never ending problems. They are the persons who you share your joy, your sorrows and griefs and even the minute details of your life which hold importance to you.

A friend is a person who you are comfortable with, those who keep friendship for their use or just because its their need and not for the sake of caring are not you true friends. A friend can be any can be a guy or a girl, your brother or sister, your girl friend, your life partner..just any person whom you connect with spiritually and intellectually without your self consious.

It moments spend with these persons that you remember even after years of your life have gone by. Sitting around drinking coffee, bunking class to go and see movies, playing games till 4 in night and realising that its too late now to go to sleep, leaving your assignments till last movement and then running around with them for submitting to the appropriate teacher. Getting up on the day of examination and realising that you havent studied even a single word and saying after the exams that your dead. Splashing around in rain..Laughing like crazy on completely silly jokes..Its a long list of collectibles that serve as good times for you that you have spend all your life. Those times that remind you of the persons whom you have spent it with are the times you cherish the most and just by remembering them a smile comes around you face and you forget all your worries and tensions.

May everyone have such a friend with whom they can remember their times..who touches their lives..and may their friendship last till the end of their time.Cheers !!

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  1. i agree completely!!! i found such a frnd in u!!!