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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wakin Up @ 6am..

Most people like to stay up till late at night..including get lots of time to kill and chat with people, watch movies and well its just fun. But after what seems like a decade today i got up at 6 in the morning and believe me there is something really extraodinary about it.

Wakin up early and just watching the sunrise in the sky gives you an amazing feeling of warmth and a new hope for the day to come. You feel energetic and ready to take on the world. The morning coffee seems as welcoming as ever & everything seems to flow smoothly.

Most nighttime people will tell you that there morning goes off in a hurry to run to either work or school not even leaving them time to iron their clothes or polish their shoes properly. The breakfast seems to be forgotten and time just seems to fly by as you already hav woken up late.

It really matters how you start your day.  If the morning is in a hurry you will see that the rest of your day goes in the same manner where you will feel that all your emotions are on the edge ready to tick off at any moment whereas waking up early makes your day a peacefull one leaving you enough time to think properly and do everything systematically.

Option has always been with you wheter you think of it as a punishment to wake up early in morning for going to work or to school or take it as a new beginning. Having some hope is very important especially in these days of recession where nothing works according to your will and everything seems to be falling apart. Today that hope was rekindled in me by wakin up at 6 and lookin at the beautiful sun rise over the sky...


  1. Wow... u woke up at 6?? and all those years you used to make me pull you out of the bloody bed every morning... but finally you saw the virtue of waking up early... better late then never!!!

    I see positivity flowing through you already... see... even when i am not with you... now... i am!!

  2. Alright i agree but i m sleepy 2..very sleepyyy..its gna b real hard continuing this i tell u..oh nd 2day is the 3rd day so m drinkin..

  3. that is a good write up for a start bro...enjoyed it..but i don't see the frustration and anger ;)