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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pain Of Disappointments..

Life is really mysterious. A person works all his life, strives to achieve his fulfill his wishes and needs and works day and night to his best just so he can get what he wants..what he deserves but all one gets is disappointments. Disappointments are found lurking on every corner.. A salesperson goes to 10 companies a day to sell but finds out that the concerned person is not available or not ready to meet and faces disappointmnt.

A job seeker searches to the end of boundaries of a region to get even the most meningless and worthless job if possible but all he finds is disappointing NO.. A person waits his whole life to get the love & understanding of someone and yet regretfully all that is found is disappointment.. A man has to walk miles because he cannot afford transportation even though he has done all he can to earn 1 but nevertheless all he faces is disappintment.

An employee tries his best to achieve the biggest targets in the comapany and work hardest but to the employer its still disappointingly of no meaning because he doesnt like them personally..

I think the list goes on..its a never ending starts it work from the day your born till you die for some people as all they are to others is disappointment.. But all i have to say is one thing after every disappointment that you face remember comes a much greater success. Disappointment is actually very very important because if you do not feel disappointed and demotivated by others you would never realise the strength you have in yourself to hold on in that time and you would never appreciate what you get later as you would remember those disappointing times that you faced and would enjoy every little thing you have now or would get..

So be disappointed but be thankful too...Because if disappointment has washed over you like a Tsunami then that means that you have a chance to build everything anew from what is destroyed rather than lying in pieces on the ground...