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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Waiting for The One..

 Everyone seeks to find love in their life. Some are still searching fo theirs and some have found it. One thing that you have to understand is love requires a lot of patience. It comes to you at the most inappropriate time in the least way youhav expected it to. Those who have their loved ones will agree with me that its just something that happens without even intending. One moment you are meeting a person, next you dont even realise how much that person means to you and that you cant even stay without sharing a single moment of your life.

One thing that you will find most in love is that you have to wait a lot.. For those who are looking for the one are waiting for them to arrive or just show a sign, those who have loved ones have their own little stories of waiting. Those affected due to distance wait for their beloved to send a text or give a call. Some are just waiting for their partner to arrive back from place. Most waiting happens when a fight occurs and you are just waiting that you can talk to your love again just so you can say sorry and make up again so things can be just right.

This is for all of those waiting out their like me.. Dont Lose Hope..Things will change..and yor wish will be fulfilled, waiting is like a test, pass it and the results will be splendid. Just hold on..Hold on to your loved one or to the dream of having one..It will come true soon.


  1. I think it is more than patience. One has to really believe in love for it to knock doors.

  2. Believe me dude..i know people who never believed in love and have fallen in just a moment whihout even them knowing...

  3. i have a feeling you wrote this for me... dint you!!! but ur right... n i hate to admit it!!!