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Monday, January 25, 2010

Write My Heart Out

No matter how far i look i see that everyone has some or the other problem that they have to deal with on daily basis. Some fight it and some just give up the battle and are lost. People cringing on to you, emotional and mental disturbances they are like common things which happen like thrice in a day. People are in such a hurry to reach to the top earn as much money as they can thay they have forgotten to live, forgotten what it feels to have fun,to enjoy & cherish the moments we have. I for such have become one of those zombies since some time now. Today i look around and fell as if i am losing evrything but this battle is far from over. May be i cant have my hearts desires, may be all i will hear around me are screams, yellings and disappointments but for once i have a decided to overlook all and just ignore those people who put you down and take you so deep in depression that you have to desperately find ways to forget things. In my case i chose pepsi..sounds weird yes but when after all your effects you acheive nothing other than people telling you that your a failure and anger seems to take you so  much that you do not even realise what you are doing or saying, a desperate measure, a self destructive habit is what seems to give peace to you. Dont get me wrong there are many ways you can avoid it one of which is shairng but that doesnt wrk when the one you share with isnt around anywhere.

I for now have decided to be free from all worries and i am going to take this leap. No one knows what future hold for them but i have decided i am not ruining my present for it. I am going to walkby those who do not understand me and live my life the way i want.

If you are wondering why i am being stupid and stating the obvious and wasting your time by writing this,, then sorry to disappoint you but i am just expressing my feelings, someone told me recently that when you have no one to talk and no one to listen to just write your heart out and you will feel your anger subsiding. I thank my sister for that and advise the same to all those who like me are anger maniacs.This Is It..your chance..just Write your heart out..


  1. he... I am always there to give you the right you write well.. i told you so!! hope this works for you the way it works for me...!!

  2. Wishin it wud...nd its nt da gyan its the support that is appreciated.. :):)